You Won’t Believe What This Place Really Is (6 pics)



Islamic terrorists caught in Saudi Arabia are treated to luxury rehabilitation that comes with spa treatments exercise and counselling that is aimed at steering jailed al-Qaeda militants away from religious extremism.

The prison has an indoor swimming pool, sauna, gym and television hall. I think they have forgotten that these people are actually terrorists and not royalty.


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  1. baniwe
    Nice reward for committing murder and co
  2. This is because they want the World to think they're being "punished", when in fact they are idolized.
  3. Mr. Ree
    I think a steady diet of raw pork fat and whippings by women might change their minds faster than a game of pool and a soak in a hot tub.

    Also remember this: even though 90% of terrorist acts are committed by muslims, islam is the religion of peace...

  4. kaveeta84
    Nothing will strengthen their resolve more than a reckless display of wealth when the majority of Muslims living in poverty who are also the ones recruited to become terrorists are ignored by these snobby airheaded Saudi government.

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