The Shocking Effects of Meth Addiction (45 pics)

Angelic, age 31

Angelic, age 34

Sophia, age 20

Sophia, age 26

Adora, age 48

Adora, age 53

Alberta, age 23

Alberta, age 28

Andrew, age 18

Andrew, age 25

Christina, age 23

Christina, age 24

Bobby, age 37

Bobby, age 39

Timothy, age 28

Timothy, age 44

Ronald, age 20

Ronald, age 29

Robin, age 32

Robin, age 42

Raymond, age 36

Raymond, age 39

Patricia, age 49

Patricia, age 52

Noel, age 27

Noel, age 27

Noel, age 30

Matthew, age 19

Matthew, age 29

Krystal, age 27

Krystal, age 28

Kari, age 32

Kari, age 38

Jordan, age 23

Jordan, age 25

Heather, age 27

Heather, age 30

Devan, age 18

Devan, age 21

Dawn, age 24

Dawn, age 28

Darlene, age 37

Darlene, age 39

Shaun, age 19

Shaun, age 34


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  1. MrTroll
    Meth - Not Even Once :3
  2. Mr. Ree
    From these pictures, it appears that meth causes you to have a poor choice of hair styles.

    #24 - she's been sucking a LOT of cock to get her meth...

  3. Fats-T
    I'm guessing you have her preferred customer discount card there buddy?
  4. Mr. Ree
    Yep. Ever since your mother raised her blowjob price to $3.00, I've been giving this methhead my business.

  5. meukr
    lindsay lohan should be here
  6. Unknown
    #37 WTF ?
  7. darkraisin
    are these for real? man, I should stop my meth.
  8. Peanut
    #37...she was making meth when it blew up. She was burned badly, as you can tell in the pic. Unfortunately, she didn't learn her lesson and was arrested again for cooking up meth in a lab. Some people never learn anything.
  9. and that's why I drink whiskey.
  10. Jordan, age 23 #24 and #25 she actually got fat on meth imagine how fat without meth.
  11. rikki_doxx
    Don't even want to be on the same planet with that stuff.

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