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Regrettable Photos That Should Never Have Been Taken (33 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny   14 May 2013   / 17545 views

This selfie in a time of crisis:

Or this selfie with a very confused mother questioning her decision to have children in the background:

This unfortunate discovery about apples:

This picture showing off your toothless mouth:

This picture of your eyes getting drunk:

This picture of your baby being born:

This unfortunate Facebook discovery:

And this unfortunate Facebook revelation:

This person caught slippin’:

And this dude caught putting milk in the last place it belongs:

This lady modeling fiercely in the cheese aisle:

And this guy modeling fiercely with a beautiful outfit:


And this:

Any and all pictures of an angry mom with a comically sized gun:

These pictures of Japanese women making out with doorknobs:

And this picture of a lady questioning the friendship of a tomato:

These kids’ class project before it’s ready:


This lady’s groundbreaking new way to watch movies:

And this lady’s groundbreaking way to shower:

And this groundbreaking Doritos hair style:

This man’s wave of pleasure:

Presumably all of this lady’s questionable modeling choices:

This person’s discovery:

This kid’s personal changes:

And this guy’s bathroom habits:

This selfie on what must be a very tough day:

And this picture of Hulk Hogan DJing:

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most of them are dumb whores.. surprise..surprise