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Amusing and Slightly Mean Roommate Trolls (21 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor   24 May 2013   / 6052 views

The person who cruelly left this behind:

Whoever filled this precious ice cream container with ice:

Whoever played this evil, evil joke:

This person who is good at drawing doors:

This person who made hot dog mistletoe:

AHHHH, the person behind THIS:

Whoever made excellent use of plastic wrap:

The genius who came up with this:

Whoever did this:

This roommate who’s maybe concerned?

Whoever created this cream cheese deodorant:

The person who did this:

The person who thought of this prank:

Whoever did this:

This roommate, who I suppose is only hurting herself:

The person responsible for this:

Whoever did this, which is kind of amazing:

The person who will soon owe his roommate a new keyboard:

The person who did this:

The roommate who somehow found this much newspaper:

Whoever did this:

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This is why I don't have a flatmate.
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