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Famous People Who Survived Being Young and Geeky (19 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs   11 Jun 2013   / 32540 views

Strangely, seeing Rashida Jones in braces and a white turtleneck somehow makes life OK.

If anyone can rock an Abercrombie tee and choker necklace it’s Chace Crawford, but still…

Amy Poehler as a “candy striper.” Brilliant.

Let it be known there was once a time when Eminem wore pink Alf shirts.

JLo? More like JNo.

Avril Lavigne wasn’t always a sk8er girl.

You knew this was coming, but what you didn’t know is JT actually killed sexy before he brought it back.

Ke$ha, pre-dollar $ign.

Robert Pattinson’s most terrifying role was not as a vampire, but rather a teen model.

Apparently Zooey Deschanel has always been “adorkable.”

I would love to see Ellen do a monologue about this outfit.

Adam Levine proves mastering sexiness takes time.

Kerry Washington had the smolder down from an early age, though she’s glammed it up just a touch.

Even the world’s hottest hottie went through an awkward phase.

Jennifer Garner as Steve Urkel.

Taylor Lautner finally hit his stride concerning his hair game.

You may not believe me, but this is young Minka Kelly.

I mean, if Tina Fey can roll with her awkward phase, so can we.

Oh, Zac, thanks for growing up to be such man candy.

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