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Why You Should Never Underestimate a Glass Door (19 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   29 Jun 2013   / 18956 views

You think you’re safe from glass doors??? Think again:

Glass doors don’t care if you eat:

They don’t care if you sleep:

All they want is for you to enter a world of pain:

You think you’re gonna buy some new shoes, numbskull?? Think again:

“Ah, what a beautiful day to exit a store.” Nope:

Don’t even think about beating a door at its own game because guess what, blockhead? You will lose. Everytime.

You think the police can save you? Ha. Ha. Ha. That’s three “ha’s,” ya dolt:

You know what a perfect day for a door consists of? Crushing the sweet, sweet life out of you:

You wanna know what another perfect day for a door is? Raining glass down on you like you’re living in some sort of glass rainforest. A glassforest:

“Man, i sure loved buying all those goods at the mall today. Would be wonderful to leave now.” Nope:

Lemme get this straight. You’re going to go pay for your gas? I don’t think so, ya ignoramus. Better go electric instead:

Oh, so you’re international pop sensation justin bieber? Great. Grand. Fantastic. Won’t stop a door from fucking your shit up:

Oh cool you’re a cat? That should save yo- don’t think so:

And don’t even pretend like no one saw. Because we all did. Doors see everything:


“But what about regular old doors? Aren’t those safe? Hmmmmmm let’s see:

Sleep with one eye open tonight:

And maybe the next time you see a door your reaction will be a little more like this:

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Gorfian 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#4 deserved it - a thief in Australia, IIRC
MagnAxiom 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#13 just made my day!