Have you ever wanted to train as a Police Interceptor? Well your time is here! See if you can complete all the set tasks, everything from driving at speed without hitting anything to performing the pit manoeuvre and driving on ice. You can get some real speed and even try hand break turns and blast your sirens to let the people know you're coming.

Police Interceptor

A female commuter fell between the train and the platform, getting stuck at her waist. It took roughly 40 people the push the train sideways away from her to create a big enough gap for the women to free herself. Photo taken at Minami-Urawa Station, Japan.


Picture of the Day

The 60 acre Challis Island is actually in the middle of the English countryside of Cambridgeshire and was built from scratch on a lake situated on a private estate. The owner loves pirates so much that he has themed the island to ensure that it looks and feels like pirate living and it even has its own fully-working pub called the Black Dubloon. The project was put together by Master Wishmakers who specialise in making the dreams of wealthy people come true.

When You’re Rich and You Love Pirates, You Do This