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Guy Takes His Flying Obsession to the Next Level (4 pics)

Posted by Raya in Lifestyle » Hobby   29 Jul 2013   / 4807 views

Laurent Aigon is a 40 year old Frenchman who loves flying so much that his passion for aircraft has taken over his life at home. 

Laurent has spent thousands euros over the past five years, collecting parts from around the world, to build a fully working Boeing 737 flight simulator in his child’s bedroom at home. Together with fellow enthusiast and friend, Jean-Paul Dupuy, the duo has successfully completed their simulator that is able to realistically mimic various situations. The Institute of Aircraft Maintenance at Bordeaux-Merignac Airport think that the work is so remarkable that they have asked Laurent to give a lecture on his achievement.

Credits: vr-zone.com

Comments (3):

crispy 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
In his child's bedroom? How lame. If you don't have a home big enough to have some other space to do this in, you don't need to be spending money on this "hobby".
DarkWolf 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I've seen better setups. From the looks, 99% of it is just for show and nonfunctional.
gigantes 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
that is definitely the best gamer / simulation i have ever seen. he's coming as close as he can to a real-life situation, creating a real-life experience for his senses and mind, training himself on real-life tasks and challenges.

even if not all of the equipment is working authentically, he is drilling himself and whoever else on the correct layout and habits to get in to. BIG, BIG BRAVO to this guy.