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Completely Gross School Lunches in the US (24 pics)

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“Fed Up” is a blog started by Farah Sheikh and shows cafeteria lunches in an effort to draw attention to the poor nutrition in schools. Here are some of the worst examples from over 7000 schools of meals kids actually get served!



Quakertown Community Senior High School, Pennsylvania.

“Fish stick tacos.”

Biotechnology High School, New Jersey.

“Rubbery nuggets and burnt fries.”

Kenwood High School, Maryland.


Rensselaer Central High School, Indiana.

“Baked potato with cheese.”

Metrolina Christian Academy, North Carolina.

“Chicken burger.”

Southeast Career Technical Academy, Nevada.

“Meatless dog.”

Los Altos High, Hacienda Heights, California.

“Smothered double fiber with a side of trans fat.”

Thomas Jefferson High School, Texas.

“Chinese dine in.”

Woodville High School, Texas.

“Feeling Mexican???”

Burlington County Institute of Technology, New Jersey.

“Rotten gutsy nachos.”

South Gate Senior High School, California.

“The poor man’s pizza.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School, New York.

“Carbs - (not so) delicious carbs.”

San Benito High School, Texas.

“Dorito don’t-eat-o taco salad.”

Barker Jr./Sr. High School, New York.

“When you find out what it is, let me know.”

Kirby High School, Tennessee.

“Gross and unknown.”

Reseda High School, California.

“French toast.”

Oxnard High School, California.


Klein Oak High School, Texas.


Benjamin Franklin High School, Pennsylvania.

“Bitz n pizzas.”

John A. Ferguson Senior High School, Florida.

“Russianing beef at school :( “

Center Point High School, Texas.

“Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, gravy and juice.”

McArthur High School, Florida.

“Poop taco.”

Turner Ashby High School, Virginia.

“Hot dog? Sandwich?”

Klein Oak High School, Texas.

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