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Life Is Easily Explained in GIFs (16 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   26 Nov 2013   / 17862 views

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When someone sends you a dirty text, but you’re with other people:

When someone asks how many hours you spend on the Internet every week:

Trying to work someone else’s shower:

When you try on a pair of pants and they fit great:

When your computer can’t keep up with how fast you type:

Five minutes into your day:

When you see free samples at the grocery store:

When someone texts you in all capital letters:

Reading the comments section on Youtube:

When your song comes on out of nowhere and you just:

When someone touches your laptop screen when pointing something out:

When your younger sibling can’t get past a level in a video game so they pass you the remote:

When someone tries to get you to do work on your day off:

When you make a really terrible pun during a conversation:

When you get a good grade on a test you thought you failed:

When two people you don’t know start arguing right in front of you:

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