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Daily Life in GIFs That Everyone Can Relate To (21 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   3 Dec 2013   / 14018 views

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When your mother tried to leave you on the first day of kindergarten:

When people see you wearing a cast after breaking a bone:

Waking up on a Monday:

Waking up to the first snow of winter:

Waking up to the rest of winter:

When someone suggests mixing brownies with ice cream:

When you like something and someone tries to make it look like they like it more:

When your lips are dry and you don’t have chapstick:

Going to bed and then realizing you have something due tomorrow:

Regretting a conversation you started with someone and then trying to leave:

Come home drunk and find leftover pizza in the fridge:

Your roommate leaves the house and you get to play music out loud:

Stoned in public:

Whenever you cook something delicious in the microwave and theres 10 seconds to go:

When you first turned 18 and went clubbing:

Someone responds to a comment you made 2 months ago:

Someone asks you what happened to all the alcohol

Your friend tells your girlfriend that you guys went to the bar last night:

Firing up the new console for the first time

When you try to bluff

When you find out your younger sibling is better at something than you:

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