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The Top "Rocking" Rooms of 2013 (25 pics)

Posted in Arts » Design   11 Dec 2013   / 8464 views

A former mill in Yorkshire with old machinery still in the kitchen

Indoor Roman Pool - Hearst Castle

Now THIS is how you do First Class. Singapore's First Suite on their Airbus A380

Composer Hans Zimmer's Studio

Sumptuous House on the Rocks

Belarus Loft

A stair with a tree handrail

A beautiful porch on a magnificent Bali hillside. Can't imagine a more perfect place for your morning cup of coffee

Meeting room inside the bank, Denmark

I could chill here and read books the entire day (chalet in Switzerland)

The Suite in Cinderella's Castle at Disney World

Just moved out of my converted warehouse apartment on London, going to miss it :(

Inside Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi's Home

Serene outdoor lounge

My new kitchen in London

Wooden Bathtub

Beautiful attic room in B&B in France

A comfortable bedroom with floor-to-top window

Beautiful attic room with Cape Cod view

My friends built this house out of local trees, mud, and cow dung. Traditional Kenyan architecture with a modern twist

Bedroom in a floating house designed by Myitr Malcew

Japanese Tea Room

That natural feeling. Takashi Amano enjoys a glass of wine admiring his masterpiece

Luxury tent in Africa

Small Apartment Concept


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The recurrent theme here is minimalism. And that's exactly why I will never achieve that look; I have far too much god damn "stuff".