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Divorcee Builds the Home of Her Dreams for Only $11,000 (19 pics)

Posted in Arts » Design   17 Dec 2013   / 9448 views

Macy Miller lost her home in a foreclosure following her divorce and decided that she was done with mortgages for good. An architect by trade, she spent two years building a 196 square foot house that is perfectly quaint and homely.


Macy Miller didn’t have a lot of experience with construction, but she was willing to learn.
It took her years, but she was working on making her dream come true.
So she never gave up.
She found new motivation after her divorce.
Not to mention her home foreclosure.
She was determined to make Tiny House a reality and avoid mortgages forever.
So the labor of love went on.
The most expensive part of the house was the composting toilet, which was $2,000.00.
She completed all of the wiring inside herself.
During construction, she fell off of the roof and broke her back.
But even that didn’t break her spirit.
The tiny home is eco-friendly.
And it’s highly efficient.
Every bit of space is used.
Not to mention, it’s also gorgeous.
She built it on a flatbed so she could take this little masterpiece anywhere.

Comments (3):

Mr. Ree 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Nice, but why not just buy a used mobile home and slowly customize it as time goes on?

lordfly911 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
@Mr. Ree - Have you ever looked at a used mobile home. Trust me, you want new. Plus she probably didn't want to make any payments so in this way she could build as she made the money.

I would love to live in a smaller house. Less places to store unneeded crap.
JISR 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Cool¡¡ looks nice I want one to go visit some places with my family and avoit the shitty Holyday Inn services