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Unusual and Very Rare Weapons (45 pics)

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Colt Gatling U.S. Navy Model - .45 - .70 cal 
All Metal Flintlock Knife Pistol - 9mm cal 

Belgian Pinfire Revolver

Bennett & Haviland Many Chambered Revolving Rifle 

Borchardt Pistol

Bushmaster Semi Automatic Pistol

Chicago Firearms Co Protector Palm Pistol

Colt Model 1855 Revolving Percussion Military Rifle 
Comblain Double Action Pocket Revolver - 7mm ca 

Dardick Series 1500 Pistol

Deleaxhe Apache Pistol - 7mm cal

Dreyse Needle Fire Revolver - .45 cal 
Dumonthier Pinfire Revolver with Dagger - 8mm cal 

Early Ball Butt Dag Wheellock Pisto

European Ten Shot Harmonica Pistol - 9mm cal. 
Evans Rifle Co Lever Action Repeating Military Musket 

Flintlock Eprouvette

Flintlock Knife Pistol - 11mm cal

Galand Revolver

Gardner Gun - .45 cal

Gatling Battery Gun - .50-.70 ca

Gatling's Battery Gun - .45-.70 cal

Joalland All Metal Pistol - .45 cal 

M.A.S. Model 1938 Submachine Gun

Mariette Pepperbox Pistol - .32 cal

Marquis Nazi Belt Buckle Pistol.

Miniature Cased Collier Revolving Flintlock

Miniature Cased Pistol

Miniature Gatling - .11 cal.

Miniature Hotchkiss - .45 cal.

Montlahus Palm Pistol - .22 cal

Percussion Cane Gun

Percussion Eprouvette

Quackenbush Model 1886 Bicycle Pump Rifle

Russian Double Barrel Knife Pistol - 12mm cal.

Russian PTRD Sniper rifle

Shattuck Palm Pistol - .32 cal

Sundial Signal Gun - .30 cal

Trabuzio Palm Pistol

U.S. General Motors Guide Lamp Division Liberator Single Shot Pistol 

U.S. Springfield Model 1855 Pistol Carbine

Vietcong Slam Fire Blow Back Rifle

Watson Tinder Lighter

Werder Single Shot Pistol

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i expect to see most of these on pawn stars...