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GIFs That are SOOO True (19 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   8 Jan 2014   / 16312 views

When you saw mommy kissing Santa Claus:

When you check your finals grades online:

When you were a kid and got socks for Christmas:

When you notice someone filming you:

When you see a puppy:

Trying to make it to bed after too many cocktails:

When two smart people are having a conversation and you’re just trying to keep up:

When you’re sitting next to your crush:

When someone asks what your plans are for the weekend:

Most people in the United States right now:

When you smell someone making food downstairs:

When you found out school was closed due to weather:

When you try to bake something:

When you go out in public:

When you have to speak in front of a large crowd:

When people try to hand you flyers on the street:

Trying to cross the street, but cars keep coming:

When you can’t stop coughing so you try to hold it in:

Trying to listen to a bunch of conversations at once:

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