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Life from above Is Truly Spectacular (22 pics)

Posted in Arts » Photography   29 Jan 2014   / 4907 views

Photographing from 5,000 feet, Alex Maclean’s pictures show the complexities and hidden patterns of modern life across America and Europe.


The Jolly Roger, Ocean City Amusement Park, Ocean City, Maryland, USA, 2011

Guillotined B-52 bombers at the ‘bone yard’, Tuscon, Arizona, USA, 1994

Bathers in wave pool, Orlando, Florida, USA, 1999

Dinghies clustered around dock, Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA, 1993

Marias River Drainage and Pivot Irrigator, Loma Area, Montana, USA

B-52, ‘Bone Yard’, Tuscon, Arizona, USA

Tracks of tomatoes in field, North Central Ohio, USA, 1990

Floating daisy docks, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1990

Flower fields, Lompoc, California, USA, 2013

Bay Channel, Fremont, California, USA, 1984

Shipping Containers, Portsmouth, Virginia, USA, 2011

Brightly painted houses, Burano, Italy, 2010

Marked Territory, Viareggio, Italy, 2010

Desert housing block, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 2009

Golf Oasis in Desert Hills, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 2009

Umbrella territory, Camaiore, Tuscany, Italy, 2010

Over Ramps, Albuquerque, New Mexicao, USA, 2008

Community pool without community, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 2009

Staking out territory, Livorno, Italy, 2007

Poolside tanning, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 2012

Housing development II, Beaverton, Oregon, USA, 2005

Phelps Dpdge large open pit mine and tailings III, Bagdad, Arizona, 2005

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