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Proof That the Illuminati Are Everywhere! (27 pics)

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First things first. It’s obvious that Beyonce is illuminati:

No big surprise that Peyton “football” Manning is illuminati:

Oh, how shocking… not. Jay Z is illuminati:

Lebron? That’s a slam dunk for the illuminati:

And don’t even get me started on the hosts of The Late Show. Of course they’re illuminati:

Kim? Kanye? Need i say more:

But then again you would have known that if you even took one second out of your precious little day to watch her videos:

Bread? Illuminati as hell:

Dolphins? Illuminati of the deep:

Amelia earhart was illuminati:

Your child’s favorite television show? Nothing but illuminati propaganda:

Chocolate milk… illuminati. Are you even surprised?

Your headphones when they get tangled in your pocket? Well, that’s illuminati:

When’s the last time you had french toast crunch? Hope it tasted good:

Nutella? Wake up. Wake up!

Can’t you see, people? Can’t you see?!

Open your eyes. Grass isn’t safe. Grass has never been safe:

Old video games about football? Guess what:

Look closely at this picture. Look very closely. Closer. What you see may surprise you:

Again, take some time out of your day following the herd. Look at this picture. Look closely toward the dollar bill. What do you see? Illuminati?

Can you spot the illuminati propaganda in this picture?

Let the truth be revealed in this episode of spongebob:

Every bit of technology you own is illuminati. Open your eyes!

Take a close look at this picture. Do you see what i see? Are you free? Are you?

On the surface this may look like a normal lamp. A lamp you might see any day of the week. But on second thought…

You think all this is made up? Well, this is bigger than you. Way bigger:

Just make sure you open your mind and see what’s been in front of you the entire time:

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Unknown 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
What is the real purpose?

Personally, when I see some artists make their signs, it just tells me they are a Freemason.


Anyway, rather than trying to ridicule the worshipers of the plot, nothing more simple, rather try to explain this.



Fats-T 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Can I have my 2 minutes back please?