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Hilarious GIFs That Totally Sum Up Life Perfectly (21 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   27 May 2014   / 17899 views

When there’s too much stuff you need to do:

Party invitations:

Seeing someone you know in a store and trying to leave before they see you:

When someone suggests a new food combination you never thought of before:

Lying your way out of plans you already committed to like:

Walking into the party and you know you look good:

When someone brings free food to the office:

You on final exams:

When someone’s cooking food and you can smell it from the other room:

Drinking water after working out:

Trying to enter a new circle of friends:

When people start clapping at the end of a movie:

When you’ve been alone in your room for hours and someone comes to check on you:

When you accidentally ‘Like’ someone’s pic, but then immediately ‘Unlike’ it:

When the movie you’ve been waiting for is finally released:

Snapchatting with friends:

When someone asks to see your phone:

People who repeat their unfunny joke several times:

When someone voluntarily helps you out with something you needed help with:

You cleaning your room:

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