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Classic Daily Life Moments That GIFs Sum Up Perfectly (19 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   25 Jun 2014   / 11541 views

When you were little and your mom took you to the toy store:

‘Your delivery driver is on his way:’

When you’re driving and the sun is directly in your face:

Thinking about all your responsibilities:

Trying out a new summer look:

When you tell a joke and no one laughs:

Hearing your parents talk about ‘making love:’

Finding out a restaurant isn’t serving breakfast anymore:

When you feel a cold coming on:

When you make a reference and someone actually gets it:

Trying to keep up with your successful friends:

When you realize you left your phone at the restaurant:

Realizing July 4th is on a Friday this year:

When the waiter forgets to include an item on your bill so you get it for free:

When someone is so stupid you’re literally rendered speechless:

Waking up for the first day of work after a vacation:

When your cat is hungry and won’t shut up about it:

When someone makes fun of you for using a big word:

When the water in the toilet splashes up onto you:

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