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A Dying Dog’s Last Adventurous Months Alive (20 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome   28 Jul 2014   / 4890 views

James Garcia learned that his dog, Elmo, only had a few months to live so he decided to make those months amazing.


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James got Elmo’s diagnosis two weeks ago. 
The vet diagnosed him with liver cancer, bladder disease, and renal failure. 
Instead of being sad, James decided to make every day with Elmo count.
“The vet has given him a couple of months,” said James. “So I decided not to sit and cry but to make the moments together matter and decided to take him to every one of my favorite NYC spots.” 

Elmo hanging out in Times Square.

Because his legs no longer work, Elmo gets to ride around in a special stroller.

Artist Greg Siff, paints Elmo’s portrait.

Looking good.

Watching the “Manhattanhenge” sunset.

Getting cultured at MOMA.

Visiting the Stonewall Inn, a gay New York City landmark.

Being very meta.

Still impressing the public with his cuteness. 

Making new friends.

“I never wanted him to feel lonely in the apartment and he loves the outdoors so much,” said James. “He goes with me to restaurants, grocery shopping and naps in the park.” 

It’s the only real path.

James says he wants to eventually turn his experiences with Elmo into a book to teach people about saying goodbye to a pet. 
James is hands down the most super of super pet dads. 
James with his beloved Elmo as a puppy. 


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