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Unexplainable Things That We Take for Granted Every Day (10 pics)

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We pointed it out in 1687, but have yet to find the particle that causes it. And although it keeps entire galaxies together, it’s still a very weak fundamental force, which makes it hard to study.
The bumpy ride on your flight is actually extremely hard to figure out, since the pressure and conditions prevent clear study of what causes it.
Cats Purring
There is no purring organ in a cat, and it’s also been shown that cats don’t have to be happy to purr. There is a theory that a purr is at the exact frequency that will promote healing, so cats might be even more superhero than we thought.
Sleep Jerks
When you feel like you’re falling and slam awake, that’s called a hypnic jerk, and we still don’t know where they come from. One theory says that it’s leftover from when we used to sleep in trees away from predators, in order to keep us from falling, but there is no real evidence behind that.
It turns out ICP was onto something when they asked how they work. We know what magnetism is, but we don’t really understand why it happens, nor do we get why they align themselves with a North and South Pole.
Giraffe’s Long Necks
People generally think that giraffes survived by eating the higher leaves on trees, but there are plenty of leaves on the lower parts of the trees and their clumsy necks are actually a disadvantage in the wild.
Birds Migrating
We know they do this to have their young and avoid cold weather, but we don’t know how different species of birds know exactly where to go. Birds may use the Earth’s also unexplained magnetic fields to navigate, but that can only give direction, and not exact locations.
Plenty of our brain functions are still a mystery, but memory is a real stumper. We almost understand the storing of them, but the getting them back appears to take multiple parts of the brain at the same time, and we definitely don’t get it.
Women losing their ability to reproduce at a certain age is not only a mystery to us, it’s harmful to us as a species, theoretically. Besides a few weird whales, we are also the only species to quit with a significant amount of life still left in us.


Everyone explains their dreams differently, but the truth is we really don’t know if they have any meaning, or are just completely random images that flash through our brain when we sleep.

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jan_kowalski 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Gravity is unexplainable, izi? wow.

so many of this shit is not only explained but quite simple, new low for izi
Addicted to nonsense
frosch 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
PLEASE, explain gravity to us.
abies.alba.7 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Vibrations in the 5th dimension.