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Reasons Why Pitbulls Don’t Deserve Their Bad Rep (6 pics)

Posted in Animals   3 Nov 2014   / 7800 views

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SnQQpY 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
It's not the dog....it's the owner
gigantes 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
yea, sure... it's 100% owner. that's why there's just as many vicious chihuahua attacks as pitbull attacks. because of all those neglectful chihuahua owners.
Well, they can be good dogs, just like any dog.
But why breed with dogs that were bred to fight and why have a dog that is capable of doing so much harm.

Many owners take a fighting dog because they are scared of burglars, muggers and other fairy tales.
It's paranoid and not fair to the dog to be its owners weapon (for something that will never happen).

Most of the loving bully/Stafford owners i know do have the tendency to tell how their dog would be unstoppable in protecting them.

I really think 90% of bully and Stafford owners have it directly or indirectly for its power and its reputation or in other words because of their own low self esteem or paranoia.

Why not take a retriever ? cattle dog ? hunting dog ?
Why take a fighting dog ?
Cancamuso 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Pitbulls play role... and videogames, you lose!
I have 2 pitbull rescues and they have nothing but love to give. as the 1st comment said it is the owner not the dog, if you beat the dog and force it to fight it will know nothing but violence. One of mine never got attention or love and was afraid to be touched, now he cant get enough lol.
Jayzen Freeze!
gigantes 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
i once got attacked by a housemate's pitbull without warning or provocation, sending me to the ER. another time a friend's pitbull was playing in the park and nipped another dog for no real reason. the other dog returned fire by biting it in the leg joint. i had to carry the pitbull a mile back home because it was too lamed to walk.

back where i used to live, pitbulls were extremely common with black owners, many of whom used them to compete in underground fighting rings.

i love animals, but pitbulls have been nothing but bad news to me, and i don't see the need for most people to keep them. there are many other breeds that are better protection dogs and less dangerous.
Ritz87 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
SnQQpY is right.
Yesterday I was on a walk with my dachshunds(2) when we were suddenly found ourselves face to face with a big pitbull.A steroid-type one,without a leash(!).I said myself:"Ok.Game over."And in the next moment FUN WAS BREAK LOOSE.Since that,my mother said-because I told her this situation-"HAHA.Didn't you know that they love each other?"-and laughed.
A few years back I knew another PB,what was actually a sheep-hearted one.I could wrestle with it.I have a photo of a moment when I pushed my face to his.Those who see that pic,would say:"You are crazy.It could bite you really bad.".We(The dog and I) know,it's never gonna happen.BUT...I know a friendly family(a couple with a toddler).Their pitbulls are real killers.(2 beasts and a toddler is a bad combination if you ask me...IDK why is it OK for them.)