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A Little “Groot” Cosplay Done Perfectly (20 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Hobby   14 Jan 2015   / 6253 views

This guy took a challenging character and created the perfect cosplay. Very impressive!


"The bare beginnings. Mask progress at the end"
"Blocks of foam cut and sculpted into shape"
"Stilts, empty paint cans reinforced (and reinforced again and agin) with 2x2, 2x4and plans of wood. Shoes drilled to the planks of wood."
"Building up the stilts."
"Spackle spread over all the foam, sanded, and then primed with black spray"
"Everything from this point on is hand painted"
"Close up paint job"
"The mask was turned into a helmet, vision went from looking out the eyes to looking out the mouth"
"The start of the arms, the hole is where my mouth is, my neck is a great deal shorter than the mannequin."
"This is the fit BEFORE any alterations to the sculpt and there were A LOT of alterations."

"Alterations and a little rocket for scale."

"Groot on the mannequin"

"Mask build!"

"Crayola model magic to sculpt and the lenses cut out from a darth vader helmet. over everything."

"Before and after alterations.

Alterations include filled out cheeks, new eye paint job, new overall paint job, overall friendlier expression, Loads of plasti-dip"

"Still have so much to get done!"

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