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The Real Life Twins Who Look Like Total Strangers (10 pics)

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18 year old Lucy and Maria Aylmer are non-identical twins who actually look like they come from two completely different families. The reason for this is that their mom, Donna is half Jamaican but their father, Vince, is white making for an odd genetic pairing that means that the one twin was born white while the other was born black. The phenomenon only has a one in a million chance of occurring, which makes it quite remarkable.

Lucy said she and her sister were at “opposite ends of the spectrum” in her family.

The sisters are now studying at different colleges.

Even though they don’t look identical, Lucy said the bond between her and her sister is strong.

“Even when we dress alike, we still don’t even look like sisters, let alone twins. When we’ve met friends for the first time they never believe we are twins and they have even made us produce our birth certificates to prove that we are actually twins.”

The twins have three older siblings.

All together: Maria and Lucy with their mother Donna and siblings George, 23, Chynna, 22, and Jordan, 21

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