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People Who Have Their Life Goals All Figured Out (27 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   7 Mar 2015   / 16649 views

Birthdays come and go, but Ghostbusters II is forever.

World peace? Nah, let's make it rain.

Booze > bouquet.

More munchies are obviously needed because they already knew the results.

Who cares about top secret government dealings?

In cereal we trust.

Canada knows how to use its police force.

Cupcakes won't break your heart.

The person stocking up on the staple freezer item.

Likes are more precious than life.

He'll get the ladies when he gets his PhD.

The snowmobile life chose him.

He does it his way.

As long as the rims are shining, the car is perfect.

The kid who only needs one wish.

If you drink different types of beer I think it counts as a balanced diet.

I agree, so get on it scientists.

This guy who think in terms of nuggets.

Getting better physically can wait.

The hopes of a wise man.

Can't miss that important meeting.

All the students in the pub.

Imaginary dating or passing the test?

Internet over sustenance.

Save the cheese!

Electronics are sensitive.

Keeping a firm grip on the most precious things in life.

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