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The Internet Reveals All the Liars in the World (28 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny   26 May 2015   / 8907 views

If you are going to lie to people, you might want to not do it online where you can get caught out pretty easily.


This girl and her poor dead horse.

This jet-setter who isn't going anywhere.

This clumsy baker.

This girl who quickly fell in love.

This girl who accidentally posts selfies.

This pretty little liar.

This person that at least got the year right.

This girl "wiff no makup."

And this joker getting called out by the actual artist.

This page that gave this girl cancer for likes.

This person who took a quick study break to lie.

This guy who got served by Taco Bell.

This porsche enthusiast.

This girl that thinks highly of herself.

This exhausted guy after his long day of lies.

This guy who wanted to get the truth out.

This girl who is practically a genius.

This guy who showed up to shame the magazine.

This highly disappointed reviewer.

This bookworm that went to high school you know.

This person who is totally not a huge Belieber.

This dedicated vegan.

This baller who likes to chill at da club sipping bubbly.

This fan that should be feeling embarrassed.

This dude who just tore up the slopes.

This humble guy with talented homegirls.

This guy showing off his real girlfriend.

This talented ballerina.

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