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Intriguing Celebrity Facts That Will Make You See Stars in a Different Light (19 pics)

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Martin Lawrence was born in Germany.
Nicolas Cage once bought a pet octopus because he thought it would help with his acting.
Sean Connery wore a toupee in every James Bond movie he appeared in.
Bruno Mars’ real name is Peter Gene Hernandez.
David Bowie’s eye is permanently dilated because of a fight he got in when he was 15.
Matthew Perry is missing part of his middle finger because of a door-shutting accident.
Steve Buscemi spent his early days as a New York City firefighter.
Tim Allen was arrested in 1978 for possession of 1.4 pounds of cocaine and was jailed for two years.
Justin Timberlake’s mother was Ryan Gosling’s legal guardian while they filmed The Mickey Mouse Club.
Johnny Depp suffers from coulrophobia. He is afraid of clowns.
Martha Stewart used to be a fashion model.
When Bill Murray was 20, he was arrested at Chicago O’Hare for trying to smuggle 10 pounds of marijuana onto a plane.
Jaleel White, aka Urkel, did the voice for Sonic the Hedgehog.
Martin Luther King Jr. was a huge Star Trek fan. Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols actually was convinced to stay on the show after meeting MLK.
Dr. Ruth is a trained Israeli sniper.
R. Kelly is illiterate.
Justin Timberlake is the voice of the “I’m Lovin’ It” campaign.
Christopher Walken traveled with the circus when he was 15 as a lion tamer.
Ed O’Neill, aka the dad on Married with Children, is a black belt in Brazilian jujitsu.

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#15 is actually Russian WWII sniper Roza Shanina

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