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Kind 9 Year Old Girl Does Something Selfless for Her “Boyfriend” with Cancer (6 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome   11 Aug 2015   / 4055 views

Libby Tucker-Spiers lives in Buckinghamshire, England and has been growing her beautiful long blonde hair so that she could look like Rapunzel.

But when Libby saw her friend Aiden Selleck undergoing chemotherapy she made the decision to donate her hair to the ‘Little Princess Trust’ so that they could make Aiden a wig.

“We think Libby is amazing for doing this,” says Clare Selleck, Aiden’s mother. “Libby’s mother told me how upset Libby was, seeing Aiden losing his hair when she visited him in hospital and how she wanted to do something to help. They have a truly lovely friendship.”
The kids’ families have known one another for some time and Libby and Aiden have grown close, so close that the two consider themselves to be in a relationship. 
Libby has also started a crowdfunding page known as Libby Locks 4 Aiden, where she is currently raising money to throw an ‘after chemo’ party for the lucky guy. 

Aiden has recently completed his fifth week of chemotherapy and is set to complete the treatment in December. But how did Aiden react to seeing his girlfriend with her new hairstyle?

“He said ‘Libby, it’s very short,’” Selleck said. “But he said that it looks lovely.”

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eco26 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
The Japanese who watch "24h TV" at this time of every year must know such true charity.