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Awesome Life Hacks to Make Everyday Things Easy Peasy (36 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle   17 Nov 2015   / 7601 views

Use your fingers to see how much daylight remains.
Duct tape your blisters.
Salt water to treat bites and itches.
A crayon will burn for half an hour so you don’t have to freak out when you run out of candles.
Dryer lint and vaseline make an incredible candle.
Use your watch as a compass.
Make a can into a stove.
Leaves are like nature’s duct tape. Use them for everything! Put them on your wounds, use them as insulation, make rope out of them, go nuts.
Baking soda toothpaste. Mix baking soda with a little water and a pinch of sea salt and you have a great toothpaste so your teeth survive as long as you do.
Cheetos and Doritos are great fire starters.
Thought you missed out on being the stove hero because you didn’t have a juice can, did you? Don’t worry about it, a soda can will do just fine.
Steel wool and a battery.Whoosh! Instant firestarter.

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gigantes 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#11 that one is mind-numbingly stupid in particular. over time you're going to acidify the overall soil. just use mulch instead... that way if you ever want to use that area, all you have to do is rake off the mulch.
mynona 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#25 The hight of the sun over the horizon as well as the time till sunset depends on the latitude of your position. So this is just bullshit. BTW: fingers of different people have different sizes.