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22 Cool And Interesting Things They Should Teach In School (22 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   2 May 2016   / 9989 views

How the Big Bird costume works!

How your favorite ice-cream cone is manufactured.

How bean stalks plants grow.

How your Wi-Fi signal is actually distributed throughout your home.


What protection sunscreen actually gives you – (the right image is a UV camera)

How military helmets are painted with camouflage.

How MJ was able to defy the laws of gravity to become the King of Pop!

How your family dog actually drinks water with their tongue.

How a coin machine really sorts your change.

How the internals of a trumpet work to produce different notes.

How pretzels are twisted.

How your favorite peanut butter gets into the jar!

How your front door key works!

How your favorite filling gets into the Pop-Tart pastry.

What actually happens when you swallow.

How farmers wrap up hay bales for storage.

How laser light affects water – now that’s cool!

How paper clips are twisted.

How traffic jams form without accidents or bad weather.

The life cycle of dandelions.

How global flight patterns change throughout the day.

How ugly your face really is in the womb!

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