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Cool Facts That Are Interesting To Learn (60 pics)

Posted in Random » Interesting   9 May 2016   / 7281 views

The third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson is credited with being the first person to cite the term "shag." Take that Austin Powers!

The Emergency Bra doubles as breast support and respiratory face mask.

A cat belonging to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom carries the official title of Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office.

Gold particles can actually be absorbed by trees through a bio-chemical process


Mexico's drug cartel makes an extra $152 million every year growing and selling avocados.

Walmart decided it was business as usual when a man shot his wife to death in one of the store's in 2011. Instead of closing, the crime scene section was simply roped-off for the police.

A 60,000-year-old cave in Barcelona, Spain, has been discovered to have an hearth that was used to heat water.

Moonshine, Illinois has a population of two people. There is only one building, excluding the outhouse, built in 1912 that sells the famous "moonburgers."

The U.S. Department of Justice makes it illegal for businesses to ask for proof that a dog is a service animal.

Motorola has created the "authentication vitamin." When the pill is digested it will unlock all your devices.

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