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Successful Ultimate Makeover Of An Old Backyard Shed (28 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome   9 Jun 2016   / 5023 views

A user Imgur mysacrificee along with his dad decided to repair their old shed in their backyard. They did an incredible job.   

Thankfully the original shed was actually structurally sound, so the two began be removing the old stucco.

They then took some measurements for the new siding.

At this point the two decided to add a little pergola over the sitting area next to the pond.

To frame up the pergola. they cut a 2×4 to size and notched them out where they would sit on the header/beams.

Pergola complete!

After finding an old window at a friend’s house, they decided some natural light was just what the shed needed.

A few measurements and cuts later, and they had their window.

Window installed.

After the siding came and it was time to stain them.

Then stapled up the aforementioned house wrap and started siding.

The men had some leftover siding and decided to make a box to cover the waterfall water filter for the pond. A nice touch.

Boom, and there is your finished product.

Credits: imgur.com

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