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After Seeing These Cool Inventions You’ll Definitely Want Them (24 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome   17 Jun 2016   / 6496 views

Hourglass Traffic Lights. It counts down the time left to your light.

Touchscreen Desk.

Flask Tie. You can drink while still looking professional.

Laser Bike Lane. You would want this... if you actually rode a bike.

Ice Cream Lock. MINE!

Baby Stroller And Scooter Hybrid. Every dad wants this.

Thor's Mjolnir Toolbox. You are the only one worthy to use these tools.

Baby Bath Umbrella Hat. (The kid doesn't seem very happy though).

Cat Hammock.

Water Sterilizer for Fresh Food.

Ironing Board Mirror.

Mirror Mist Wiper. FINALLY!

Bottle Opener Ring. Looks like something Tony Stark would wear...

Twisted Spaghetti Fork for Grip.

Lockable Mug. Just watch them try drinking from YOUR mug again. Watch and laugh. "I think you may have a coffee stain... allover. HAHAHAHA!"- You if you buy this mug.

Umbrella Bag.

LED Slippers. No more ninja tables hitting you in the toe.

Faucet Thermometer.

Smart Contact Lenses for Diabetics. With these lenses, they can detect glucose levels via tears. If the glucose levels are imbalanced, then the color of the lens will change to make the person aware.

Umbrella with a Cup Holder.

Onion Holder. Wait... WHAT?

The "Dogbrella".

Weight Watch Belt.

And something any of us would love to have- Virtual Keyboard.

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#13 These rings have been on the market for generations already..
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