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Some Of The Best Advantages Of Having A Sibling (25 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor   22 Jun 2016   / 3706 views

You always have someone to answer your cries for help:

You become adept at sending secret messages:

You get really good at disappearing:

You learn how to write touching, heartfelt notes:

You become a master spy:

You become an expert in first aid:

You get all the exercise you need:

You perfect the “SERIOUSLY” look:

Or this look:

You learn the nuances of technology:


You become a master at diagnosing injuries:

You learn how to handle situations like an adult:

You learn to never give up what you hold so dear:

Everything they have BASICALLY belongs to you:

You become an expert casting director:

You learn to create new words and languages that only you understand:

You learn the value of a great gift/the value of just adding your name to something:

You learn to fight for what you believe in:

And you learn to accept defeat graciously:

And you find out what victory truly means:

You learn to control your rage:

You become an Oscar-winning actor:

You perfect the perfect comeback:

You learn what forgiveness is all about:

But most of all, you learn the power of a good relationship:

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