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These Photos Prove What Magnificent Creatures Cats Are (22 pics)

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If you live with a cat, then you’re quite simply obliged to provide it with the very best living conditions.
Pay attention to providing your cat with only the very best company.
Of course, cats know how to take care of themselves.
They prefer dinner to be served to them in a formal setting, however.
Make sure they approve the menu before cooking their meal.
This never fails to go down a treat. Just remember to remove the lemon.
Remember that a well-fed cat is a happy cat.
Give cats all the privacy they need. Always knock before you enter!
The last thing you want to do is offend your cat, right?
Of course, even if he does take offense, he won’t get much further than the edge of the couch...
Don’t be surprised if your cat decides to swap beds. You just have to accept the new rules.
Remember, it’s hard work being such a magnificent animal.
Whatever mistakes he makes, you really have no choice but to forgive him.
And never forget to give your kitty presents on occasions.
As well as a relaxing massage.
Even Jean-Cat van Damme needs love and attention.
A handsome fellow like this deserves only the best. And he knows it!
Sometimes, cats show how grateful they are for your care and attention by helping out around the house.
Sometimes they’ll even teach you to sing!
Or to dance.
And they’re experts at falling over gracefully.
But above all, they know how to enjoy life!

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