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New Collection Of Awesome And Fascinating Photos (45 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   10 Jan 2017   / 7235 views

The Machine that Detected the Higgs Boson Particle

A woman enjoys the Rijksmuseum one last time

Team Rwanda Cycling stop to touch some snow as it was the team’s first time ever seeing it

American Flavored Imitation Pasteurized Process Cheese Food…Hopefull You Are Not Putting This Shit In Your Body

Bryers Ice Cream, the company that prided itself on using only few, all natural ingredients had to change their labels to read “Frozen Dairy Dessert” because based on the ingredients they couldn’t legally sell their product as ice cream.

Bamboo scaffolding

The Oval Office before a new president personalizes it

Gun belt of an SS officer

DB Cooper’s plane ticket

DB Cooper was a hijacker who extorted $200,000 from authorities and parachuted into the Washington state wilderness never to be heard from again.

This piece of plastic, thrown into the sea in 1976, still hasn’t degraded at all

This is a nanoinjector, a microscopic machine used to inject cells with DNA

This is what the tea looked like that was dumped into the Boston harbor [Boston Tea party 1773]

Photographer perfectly aligns Objects to create the Illusion of 4 Separate Images

This man has been making pizzas since 1965 in Brooklyn, NY…$5 For A Slice!

Tokyo is massive

Best selling music artists from each US state

Heckler & Koch boardroom

The Nazis would have killed for this.. the original plans for the D-Day invasion, the Neptune Monograph

3 young royal heirs around the world, Denmark, Marocco and Japan

Sikh NYPD officers now have the uniform option of full turbans

Since losing his arm, tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet uses a prosthetic arm that doubles as a tattoo machine

Opera house in Germany

German gun turret from WWII in France

At a veterinary clinic in Belgium

French Special Forces Operator (GIGN)

The UK now gives a breakdown of what your taxes were spent on

Homicide rates: Europe vs. the USA

The Space Shuttle Is Majestic AF!

Getting the perfect shot…You can see how they did it in this blog post

Sage Nortcutt throughout the years…

Future top-5 pick Markelle Fultz has some hops

The body of an elite NFL athlete

Busch Stadium for the Winter Classic

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