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When You’re Ready To Do Anything For Your Gaming Passion (13 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome   6 Mar 2017   / 4075 views

Imgur user tater9104 was over playing games on a regular table, so he decided to take some time out to make something a little more badass.

To jazz things up a little, he threw a 40″ TV into the middle.

Here’s the underlying frame work.

Next up, the arm rests and the cup holders. The rectangular holes you see are to be used as pencil and dice holders.

Here it is after some staining and 4 layers of Varthane Triple-Thick Varnish. The base of the table as well as the pencil holders were fitted with some felt.

The lower shelf works great for leg support and adds a little extra to the table.

The TV fits perfectly into the table and looks great against the black felt. Chromecast was also added to the TV so it can be controlled from anywhere.

Polished sheets of pine are used to cover the TV as well as provide a slick surface for the table to be used without the TV.

Once you’ve got approval from your cats, you’re essentially good to go.

Credits: imgur.com

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