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It's A Never Ending War Between Elder People And Technology (45 pics)

Posted in Funny » Fail   17 Mar 2017   / 4520 views

So Today My Nana Showed Me Some Of Her Favorite Websites

When My Grandma Googles Something She Puts "Please" And "Thank You"

My Nana Asked Me To Fix Her Phone Because "The Outside Clock Is Always Showing The Wrong Time"

My Dad Doesn't Know How To Turn Off This Front Camera Heart Feature On His Phone And He Tried To Send Me A Pic Of His New Stove

My Grandmother Complained Her Remote Was Confusing, So I Grandma-Ified It For Her

My Grandma Is Getting Pretty High Tech These Days...

My 90 Year Old Grandma From Japan, Showing Us How She Zooms In With An Iphone

Grandma Sent Me This In The Mail. Slowest Picture Message Ever

Friend's Grandma Just Asked Whose Phone This Is

When Mom Uses Technology

My Dad Said "Look, Those TV Models Are Pirates"

My Grandma Took Her First Selfie Today. She's Using The Front Camera To Take A Mirror Selfie

My Dad Doesn't Know How To Text On His Flip Phone, So He Always Sends Me Multimedia Messages

Mom Asked Why The Computer Was So Slow. She Has Eleven Toolbars

My Grandma Called Me Over To Fix Her Computer Because "Everything Moves Backwards"

Good Job, Grandma (She's 82)

Mom Tries To Send Me A Pic Of Grandma's Diapers So I Can Get Some At The Store. Somehow "The Phone Doesn't Let Me Send Pictures!" Two Hours Later I Realize She Made It Her Profile Picture. Still Hasn't Noticed It

When Your Mom Spectacularly Misunderstands The Cry Laughing Emoji

So My Dad Got His First Camera Phone Today...

I Opened My Moms Computer This Morning And Found My Hd Grandmom As Her Wallpaper

Got My Mom An Ipad, Had It Engraved

My Grandma Got A New Phone, My Dad Receives This

My Girlfriend's Grandma Thought The Ipad Was A Cutting Board

Thanksgiving Means Fixing Everyone's Computer Or Phone Problems. My Mom Is Only Person I Know That Can Get Ads On Her Lock Screen

My Grandma Printed Some Photos From Her Phone

So We Got Grandma A Tv...

Just Got My Grandma Her First Cordless Phone. Baby Steps

I Swear Every Mom Texts Like This

Hashtag Mom

Traveling With My Mom. Saw Her Phone, And Investigated. Informed Her That She Used The Screen Protector's Throwaway Film Instead Of The Actual Screen Protector. She Literally Used Trash As A Screen Protector

Dad Gets A New Phone For Xmas, Struggles With Voice Text

Saw This Guy Working On His Computer In A Cafe

When Grandma Can't Hear You On The Phone

My Dad Got A New Phone And Doesn't Have A Case Yet. He Kept It In The Box

Told My Dad I Needed A New Mouse. He Pulled This

Went Home To Find My Mom's Computer Like This... She Said "I Thought I Would Get Better Internet"

Grandma Sends Selfie

My Grandma Got A New Computer And Wanted Me To "Install" The Internet

Mom, Lol, That's Not The Right Kind Of Screen Protector...

My Mom Just Got A Phone For The First Time (Face Palm)

My Dad Asked Me To "Put" Viber In His Phone....

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