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Your Pets Will Destroy Your House Given Half A Chance (45 pics)

Posted in Animals   10 Apr 2017   / 2451 views

My Mom Sent Me A Text Saying, "So.. .this Is My Living Room." One Of Her Dogs Got Ahold Of One Of Her New Pillows. These Are Just The Cats Rolling Around Like Assholes

My Friend Came Home To This... The Face Is Priceless

Went To Movie For 3 Hours Come Back To This

So My New Kittens Discovered The Toilet Paper Roll

The Face Of Pure Guilt

Left For 20 Minutes And Didn't Open The Blinds So He Could Watch For Me....asshole.

Rufus Still Hates All Blinds.

It Wasn't Meeeeee

24 Minutes After The Big Cleaning .... Try It Again And Better :d

I Guess I Should Be Happy That He Destroyed Them. Crocs Are Horrible Anyway.

Charlie Found The Bag With Mint. No Guilt At All, Just Continued Rolling In It.

We No Longer Have Couch Pillows.

Meeee ? I Have No Memory Of What Happened...

His Face Still Shows How Annoyed He Was We Left Him-and His Pose Is "yes! I Was Upset!"

Told You There Was No Point In Giving Me A Bath

Dont Get Mad Mummy I Wanted To Draw Just Like You... And It Is Only Some Green Ink On My Pows... Just Like You!

Someone Found The New Tp Rolls And Just Wanted The Cardboard Centers!

Ok Kate Lemme Get This Straight. You Chew Up My Hair Ties, Eat My Rainbowloon Bands And Now This!

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