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This Is What Happens In North Korea While You Are Still Sitting There (29 pics)

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North Korean Fast Food

All of its burgers, whether made of minced beef, fish or vegetables, come with lashings of kimchi

Minced beef and bread costs $1.70 , roughly the same price as a McDonald’s cheeseburger in the UK but almost half the daily income of an average North Korean. The average wage in North Korea last year was just under $1000

Sunan International Airport

An eight-lane super highway in North Korea is almost devoid of traffic in this image taken by Swedish photographer Björn Bergman. The road – which stretches around 160km from capital Pyongyang to the border with South Korea – is also in a state of disrepair

With advertising non-existent, these are the kind of billboards that exist in North Korea

Pyongyang Gold Lane Bowling Alley

North Korean military rocket-launcher tractors

North Korean School Bus

Paying respects at the Munsudae Hill statues of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il

Traffic Officer in Pyongyang

Breakfast at the Yanggakdo Hotel, Pyongyang

For a long time, bans against black market sales have been strictly enforced. Grey market vendors are more common. They earn a little money selling cigarettes or sweets.

How the children slept at the orphanage

North Korea’s 18 state sanctioned female hairstyles

North Korea’s 10 approved hairstyles for men

North Koreas Mission Control Room

Chronic food shortages in North Korea have made people desperate for food. Here is a man collecting grass from parks

Tractor-driving simulator at Samjiyon Schoolchildrens’ Palace

Morning in Kijong-dong a propaganda city in the demilitarized zone of North Korea

Young North Korean schoolchildren help to fix pot holes in a rural road in North Korea’s North Hamgyong province

Flight Attendants for North Korea’s national Airline

Inflight meal service on Air Koryo, the national airline of North Korea

Locals Only Shop

Phone booth

North Korea currency

North Korea’s Marathon

Children’s Day in North Korea

Red Star OS, The North Korean Operating System

North Korean Elections – North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was elected with 100% of the votes. The ballot listed only him. Citizens are allowed to cross out his name and write in a new one, but they must step outside the election booth to do so, and write down the new name in front of election officials.

This is North Korea at night

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