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People Will Do Anything To Smuggle What They Want Where They Want (24 pics)

Posted in Funny » Fail   13 May 2017   / 5821 views

This man lost 28 pounds all by walking through security at the airport.

The coconuts may be real, but the contents are far from coconut milk. Over 1,000 pounds of marijuana was discovered hidden inside.

These inconspicuous wood pallets were actually made out of hardened cocaine.

Guess what this milk powder actually was? (Hint: it was cocaine).

Bags of cocaine were hidden in these coffee roasts.

At the Canadian border, a woman was arrested attempting to smuggle 50 bags of marijuana into the U.S. inside a foosball table.

A man attempted to enter the US from Trinidad with over 7 pounds of cocaine hidden inside frozen meat.

A man coming into the U.S. from Peru tried to hide 10 pounds of cocaine in food inside his luggage.

A whopping three pounds of black opium was coated in cinnamon and wrapped in plastic. Very seasonal.

US Customs and Border Patrol agents removed nearly 2,000 pounds of marijuana from hundreds of fake landscaping stones.

A woman traveling with her two year old attempted to sneak in 3 pounds of heroin to the U.S. inside formula containers.

After an alert from a drug dog, officers discovered nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana hidden inside these watermelons.

Talk about dough inside dough. These smugglers attempted to hide bank notes inside pastries.

The classic carrot bait-and-switch. These guys attempted to smuggle marijuana from Mexico into the U.S. inside fake carrots.

These tasty looking tortillas actually had $87,000 worth of meth stashed inside.

A woman attempted to walk across the border with cocaine stashed in her shoes.

Spanish police discovered 200 kilos of cocaine inside these hallowed out pineapples.

The signature isn’t what made this baseball valuable, it was more the huge amount of cocaine stuffed inside.

Vanilla wafers filled with cocaine.

This woman was caught with a little too much junk in the trunk as she attempted to smuggle heroin into the U.S. with it strapped to her tush.

These dudes weren’t even trying. Border patrol discovered 3,947 pounds of marijuana hidden in these incredibly realistic looking fake limes.

Not sure what this guy’s game plan was, but he was discovered attempting to smuggle 94 iPhones into China.

You can’t party in Saudi Arabia, as alcohol is on the do-not-fly list. So this guy took matters into his own pants.

Cocaine apparently can cause a fake pregnancy, according to this woman who tried to smuggle it in under a fake baby bump.

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