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Old People Are Simply Not Meant To Use Social Media (50 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny   18 May 2017   / 4613 views

My 95-Year-Old Grandma Updating Facebook

Not All Old People Are Terrible At Social Media. Dwayne Seems To Have It Figured Out Ok

When Your Mom Spectacularly Misunderstands The Cry Laughing Emoji

James Tells Facebook What's On His Mind

My Friends Mom Printed And Framed A Picture From Facebook

I For One Enjoy Facebook Interactions With My Grandma

My Friend's Mom Was Making A Post About Obama, But She Accidentally Hit The "Copy And Past" Button On The Phone

Meet My 86 Year Old Grandmother

My 83 Year Old Italian Grandmother Posted This A Few Days Ago. I Shared

Grandma Sees Shitty Duckface For What It Is

Either My Grandma Doesn’t Know How To Use Facebook Or She’s Really Salty About Aunt Doris

Husband Asks Why His Wife Was Fired From Cracker Barrel

My 73-Year-Old Aunt Commenting On This Outback Post From Almost 3 Years Ago

Grandma Tagged A Different Rapper This Time - Blaze Is Her Dog

Grandma Asked If We Could Send $5,000 To A Man She Met On Facebook That Lives Overseas. Here's His Profile Pic

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