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Porn Has Changed A Lot Since 90s (6 gifs)

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Here are the five biggest changes to porn since you first tried to hide that dial-up modem sound in the 90’s.


Amateur >>> Production value

Long gone are the days of the wide establishing shot before the money shot. Now it’s all about making things look homemade. Smartphones and the internet have really pushed this new “fad” into the new norm. Gone are the days of costumes, “plots” and pizza boys.

Wages way down…

Free sites and piracy have crippled the industry whose only recourse has been to cut costs and wages. Instead of signing huge multi-film deal, they’re paid by the scene now. Adult talent agent Mark Spiegler says actors went from averaging $100k in the 90’s to averaging around $50k now. Apparently porn stars have to get much more creative to earn their money now, and I’m not talking about costume choices. They’ve had to rely on webcams, merchandise sales and good old fashioned dancing.

Here is a quick rundown of how much porn stars made for each type of scene in 2016:

Nude solo scenes: $340/scene

“Open leg” solo: $408/scene

Explicit Solo: $476/scene

Insertions solo: $612/scene

Girl on girl action: $800-$1200/scene

Girl on boy: $1,000 – $1,500/scene

Anal: $1200/scene

Double penetration: $4,000/scene

While viewership is WAY up

First of all, according to Nielsen, 29% of you little perverts are watching porn on your work computer. Seriously, smart phone + bathroom stall = keeping your job!

Anyway, since 2010, there has been an astronomical 1,424% increase in mobile pr0n viewership. This shift in consumption, if you will, has completely changed the industry for good.

“Indie porn” is a thing…

Ok, look, fetishes are fine and dandy as long as your furry bullshit is going on behind closed doors and away from my PornHub. However, because you little freaks can’t stop rubbing yourselves, now we have “indie” porn… I don’t even know what that means, and I am 100% ok with that.

“The look” sure has changed

There was a time where huge fake tits, a blowout and way too much lipstick was all a woman needed to be a “star” in porn. What happened to those days? Those “unattainable” standards of porn Queens of years past has been replaced by the more standard “girl next door” flair.

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