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Moments From “The Office” That Will Live Through Ages (23 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor   2 Dec 2017   / 7046 views

When Michael needed to brush up on his English:

When Creed got really, really lucky on Halloween:

When Oscar was just *mostly* horrified:

When Angela introduced us to some of her family slang:

When Stanley called out Michael on his definition of a "hate crime":

When Michael was a wine "expert" not once...

...but twice:

When Kelly talked about tragedy:

When Dwight pulled in Creed to grill him on some drugs:

When Meredith got a little too honest:

When Creed was feeling ~young~:

When Kelly had a sudden change of heart:

When Kelly wasn't exactly a medical expert:

Or the time Michael wasn't either:

When Michael described Florida pretty perfectly:

When Creed and Jim had this exchange:

When Michael was quick to call Dwight out on his bluff, but Dwight had this response:

When we learned a little too much about Creed and Meredith:

When Angela was just trying to have fun:

When Kevin lost track of which finger Holly was raising:

And when he was not exactly a life saver:

When Stanley was just trying to have a slice of cake:

And finally, when Phyllis told us about that one year of her life that wasn't very productive:

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