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Positivity Is What We All Need In Life! (22 pics)

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The ridiculously photogenic German police and protester
This is what “luck” means.
This guy is really optimistic.
“My friend, who has been in a coma for 3 months and presumed dead, texted me this.”
Yeah, you’re gonna make it.
While everyone wanted a PS and iPads in the orphanage, this little girl just asked for a “tucked-in donkey.”
This guy makes the place positive.
For some it’s just a puddle, but it’s an entire lake for the duck.
There are 2 types of girls on Halloween.
The new ultrabook every college student needs!
Just stay calm no matter what.
“When my grandma was 80, she got hit by a truck. Here she is on her 100th birthday having outlived the guy that hit her.”
This “optimistic” glass is always half full.
This girl is 100% sure she’ll succeed.
“Being in chemo all day is not exactly how I pictured spending my 21st birthday, but hey! I made it to 21! As long as I’m around for my 22nd, I can’t complain.”
This girl went on a trip around Europe. She took a special photo in every city: the name of the city on her prosthetic limb.
A traffic jam is a great chance to play with a dog in a nearby car.
This is a great idea for those who don’t have enough money for their own house yet.
Your cat seems upset all the time? Just draw him a smile!
We wish everyone were as optimistic as the guy who “repaired” this brick wall.
This girl is quite happy with her working place. Nothing special.
“A month free of antidepressants!”

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