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Isn’t She The Weirdest Dog Ever? (11 pics)

Posted in Animals   2 Mar 2018   / 3351 views

“She frequently sits like this like it’s normal”

“And sleeps like this. Doesn’t seem to have brain damage, but who can really tell”

“When I tell her she is weird, she throws shade”

“Definitely capable of looking guilty”

“Can’t lay down unless the legs are out”

“She HATES the cold and having her ears cold. Babushka-ing her is what makes her walk”

“So warm and happy”

“We went camping for the first time last summer. She didn’t understand mesh at all. Learned she can eat poop from wild animals just fine, but god help you if she doesn’t get her $60 grain-free fancy-ass dog food. In lamb, specifically. Then you’ll understand the term “sh*t creek” on a whole different level”

“Showing off her 60 lbs of muscle. None of her legs are bowed and the vet says she’s perfect, so don’t be mean to her telling her she’s deformed just because she likes to sit like a weirdo. She’s just a practitioner of dog yoga”

“I was being a f**king idiot trying to get a photo of her and she let me know it. Also, someone clipped her right ear, poorly, before she was adopted so now she has periscope ear and a distrust of Mexicans”

“Can’t sleep unless you wedge the head and smother her”

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