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Babies Are Always Emotional To No End (24 pics)

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Is it possible to refuse such a touching request?

That’s what ’a photo with sound’ looks like.

It’s love!

“I asked for nuggets, not broccoli!”

When you don’t want to eat this cereal anymore, but they aren’t listening to you.

“I took my daughter sledding for the first time. This is her trying to avoid the ramp.”

“My daughter looks like Beaker from The Muppets.”

Nothing makes children happier than unraveling a roll of sticky tape.

“My 7-month-old son listening to Bach.”

“There’s nothing to watch on TV again!”

When photogenic is your middle name:

“My daughter alone for 15 min... I’m still processing what happened and what it is she was trying to do.”

“If I sit near a celebrity, does it mean I’m a celebrity too?”

“It’s a wonderful morning, this forest, this air ... Here it is, life! And in 2 minutes I will forget about all of this.”

“At the end of the photo shoot, our daughter was tired and decided to show us how she cries in the Baroque style.”

A sad story, in 3 shots.

′.... I’m outta here’

“My son showing me how to pose for selfies.”

“My daughter brings a checklist to stores now and just makes random checks. It makes everyone uncomfortable.”

“Do you really think that strawberries will help me cope with the first existential crisis in my life?!”

“My dog loves my daughter. However, my daughter is still unsure about the dog.”

“You know nothing about fashion. My daughter has put 6 pairs of panties on her head today. ”

A proud big sister. How can you not love these cuties?

It’s good that in any situation a faithful, fluffy friend will always give the necessary support!

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