These are some very bad bike wrecks. It’s amazing that more riders don’t get seriously injured when they occur. However, there have been a number of deaths attributed to motorcycle racing.


Bike Wrecks

Some blonde chick crashed her blue Bentley Azure into a Porsche 911, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin and Ferrari F430 in front of the popular Monaco casino. This could be the most expensive accident in history, but not the first with a rich blonde girl.


One More Blonde Behind the Wheel

July 20th was Ugly Truck Day, so here are some of the ugliest trucks in the world. The owners would rather drive around in one of these ugly trucks than buy another truck. These owners pimp their trucks out to the point that they are ridiculous.


Ugly Truck Day

When cars first hit the roads there were many accidents due to people’s lack of experience, unsafe roads and not so sturdy vehicles. Check out this collection of crunched cars from decades past.


Retro Car Accidents

This accident happened in Moscow, the driver of a Nissan GТ-R wanted to do some racing. The result of his race you’ll see after the jump. He was lucky enough that his car was solid enough, otherwise he’d be lying in pieces.

Especially watch the video, that’s when the accident occurs, the pictures are showing the consequences.



During a routine traffic check, a police Holden SS Commodore car was almost completely destroyed when another car crashed into it at full speed. The price of Holden SS Commodore is about $55,000 and this one was new. It seems that nobody is safe from unpredictable drivers. Happily, no one got hurt.


Police Car Crash

A truck driver was attempting to fasten a chain around the big logs stacked on his truck when he accidentally latched the hook at the end of the chain on the telephone pole wire. The driver is a real lucky man, he was not harmed but his truck tires immediately ignited and then within minutes the entire truck was engulfed in flames. Truck was fried by 7,200 volts.


Always Follow The Safety Rules!

This is Will Smith's mobile home which is known as The Heat. It has two stories and is fully decked out and is complete with a full kitchen, dining room, sleeping quarters and Will’s personal gym which is in a separate 55-foot trailer that is parked next to The Heat. The mobile home reportedly set Will back a cool $1,800,000.


Will Smith

The owner of this Porsche 911 decided to donate his car to the American Gun Club after its cooling system and engine failed. The mechanic provided the owner an estimate of almost $20,000 for repairs so the owner gave the car to the American Gun Club in Massachusetts. More than 140 people shot the car up and provided the ammunition and weapons.


A Shot Up Porsche 911

During a classic car parade the driver of a not so classic Lexus GS lost control of the car and crashed into some classic cars.  This brought the classic car parade to a screeching halt. There were probably some heated words exchanged after the crash.


A Crash Of Classic Cars

Alexander Miller, along with his wife Imogene, lived on a dilapidated farm in East Orange, Vermont from 1946 until their deaths in 1993 and 1996. Seemingly unwilling to fix up the farm, and living without central heating and limited electricity the Miller’s managed to accumulate a tremendous amount of valuable cars. Miller went through one VW beetle after another, fixing them as best he could until they broke down again.


The Treasures of Alexander Miller’s Garage

This is a twin rotor hoverbike. It was designed and manufactured in Australia. It may very well be the bike of the future. Soon, it may be available to the general public. It is reported to be very safe and stable. It is also very interesting looking.


A Flying Bicycle

Companies that restore and bring retro cars back to their authentic looks often have to deal with a heap of rusty iron that hardly reminds a vehicle as their source material. It’s difficult to imagine how much effort it takes them to create a shiny great-looking car. But thanks to Precision Restorations Company from St.Louis that has finished a very unusual project, it’s now possible.


Unusual Retro Car Restoration

A drunk woman managed to turn Hummer H2 into a heap of metal in Lithuania. The 28-year-old woman exceeded the speed limit and missed her turn. The car ran off the road and flipped over. The woman and her companion weren’t injured, and even a pack of beer remained unbroken.

The man had imported this Hummer H2 from the USA only a few days before this accident. What a waste of money…


Drunk Woman Is Hummer

Romanian drivers have a special “transportation” culture. They like to park their cars in an exceptional way, add the most unusual inscriptions and drive the most creative transportation on the city streets. We thank Marlansky CEO for these great photos.


Transportation in Romania