In case you are running low on money and can’t buy new tires for your vehicle, look at these photos. This is a good guide on how you can create a “tire” using a hose. I doubt that this vehicle can ride, but it looks so unique that you just can’t pass by!


Alternative Tires (5 pics)
Think twice before you decide to park your luxurious car on the pedestrian path. Frustrated people who can’t pass it by often become very creative and can surprise you with unexpected paintings. Find out what real folk car tuning can look like under the cut.
Folk Car Tuning (4 pics)
In this selection of photos, different tractors are in some unbelievable predicaments. It is even more unfathomable to try to imagine how they got in some of these situations.
It is sue fun to drive a tractor, I should try it ;)

Funny Tractor Fail Photos (32 pics)
I have no idea if what you'll see in the pictures was done by the municipal service or by weather, but these cars were badly injured by snow and ice that suddenly started to fall down from the roofs. As for the video, this is one of the examples how municipal service in Russia clears snow from roofs…
Snow “Bombing” in Russia (18 pics + 1 video)
The owners of the vehicles in these photos have some ridiculously real problems. How these vehicles got in these predicaments is beyond me and anyone’s guess but it is going to take some real effort on somebody’s part to get them fixed.

Unique Vehicle Situations (40 pics)
During SpeedWeek in 2007 a motor home got stuck in the salt. A small yellow wrecker came for a rescue and also got stuck. Next, a large yellow wrecker tried to pull them out and also got stuck. Then a large blue wrecker came to help but also got stuck. One motor home and three wreckers had to spent night stuck in the salt until they were rescued the next morning.

How Many Wreckers Does It Take To Get One Motor Home Unstuck? (8 pics)
I guess everyone had already had bad experience with swinging gates on the wind which damaged cars. I did, but I could never imagine that this case will be that serious. Why the guy who’s been in this car is lucky you’ll see inside the post.
The Lucky Guy of the Day! (4 pics)
These photos are of scads of abandoned Corvettes some of which are very rare. This brings up several interesting questions. Who would abandon such valuable automobiles and who do they belong to now? Perhaps the most important question is: How do I get to where they are now?
Abandoned Corvettes (37 pics)
These photos are of a Star Wars car that was spotted at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott. It belongs to jedi master Yoda and even has an OBI Wan on the dashboard and his name on the bumper.

Yoda’s Car (7 pics)
As these photos prove, it is possible to convert a $60 1987 Pontiac Fiero into a Lamborghini Reventon lookalike. In fact a guy named Woody from Canada did it and all by himself as well. Using mostly steel in the construction and a 350 Chevy for power, Woody has done the seemingly impossible.
Incredible Car Transformation (24 pics)
These photos seem to prove that China is expected to become the world’s No. 2 economy, if these impressive high-end luxury and exotic cars that were seen at a single wedding in China is any indication. I doubt that many of us have as many rich friends and family.

Exotic Chinese Wedding Rides (24 pics)
Some folks take a little bit of ingenuity a bit too far. As shown in these photos, some people will do anything to avoid those expensive repair bills. With the use of some strategically placed duct tape and a little not so common sense, just about anything is repairable.
DIY Repair Jobs (26 pics)
Travel trailers used to be something you used only when you had to. However, as these photos show, that is certainly not the case anymore. Luxury is now what immediately comes to mind when looking at these hotels on wheels. My house should be as nice.
A Real Home Away From Home (14 pics)
When the guy in these photos works on his brand new Hummer, he really works on it. It would appear that he is intent on removing and then reinstalling every nut and bolt on it. I wonder what it is supposed to look like when he is finished. See if you can guess.
Work On Your Car Much? (10 pics + 1 video)
When it comes to an accident with a train, the train always wins, hands down, regardless how large the other vehicle is. If you don’t believe it, have a look at these photos. The train is once again the clear winner in this contest.
Trains Always Win (12 pics)
American Muscle cars like the Camero seem invincible. However, as evidenced by these photos, they aren’t. Although the driver managed to walk away with only a scratch on the head, the beautiful car wasn’t so lucky. It is amazing that a pole can cause so much damage.
Camaros And Poles Are A Bad Combination (3 pics)
These pictures of an unbelievable flying car were sent to us by our visitor Beatriz Sturla. Thanks a ton :)
Did anybody imagine that cars could ever fly? Here is the Terrafugia Transition that combines the unique convenience of being able to fold its wings with the ability to drive on any road in a modern personal airplane platform. Stowing the wings for road use and deploying them for flight at the airport is activated from inside the cockpit. Moreover you do not need a trailer or a hangar for it. You can get this by paying $194,000.
See after the jump the wonders of technology.

Flying cars are No More Imaginary Now (28 pics + 2 videos)
The vehicle in these photos depicts a rather unique vehicle. It will go anywhere and do practically anything and it is homemade. The guy who built it also has a very different idea when it came to how to warm its occupants from that nasty Russian weather.
A Homebuilt Russian Hummer (29 pics)
There are some hot new interiors making the automobile scene. Apparently anything goes including wild designs and even wilder colors. Reds, pinks, orange, and fuchsia are all in along with leather and speciality vinyl. I like it and think it will put some of the fun back in driving.
Hot New Auto Interiors (20 pics)
While some of these vehicles are very clever, you have to wonder what the designers in this collection of unusual, weird, and funny vehicles in these photos were thinking.

Wonder Wagons (138 pics)
Jay Leno is an American stand up comedian and television host and is quite popular in United States. He is also the owner of an enormous car collection. He owns cars from every walk of life and era and some that are very rare. His collection includes such rarities as Lamborghini Countach, an Owens Magnetic, a Bentley Speed Six, and a Shelby Mustang 350 GT. He also owns a rare EcoJet which is a truly unique car of which only one model was ever manufactured. Its conception sketch was drawn on a napkin by its designers. You can see more pictures after the jump.
Jay Leno’s Garage (64 pics)
It seems that people will never learn that driving drunk is not that a good idea.
The driver of this truck was drunk and run over a Mercedes with a couple in it. But not only they survived, they only got a few bruises.

Don’t Drink and Drive! (8 pics)
Everything can happen on the roads, someone can scratch you or you can get dings on your car, then you need to do some straightening, put some paint etc. And this can cost you a lot. So this guy used “another approach to solve the problem.”
On one hand, after what he’s done to his car he will need services of an auto repair shop rarely than others but from the other hand he just spoiled the car…

Audi Total Make-Over (10 pics)
Gunbus is the world's largest bike for the roads. A man of average height standing next to a Gunbus looks very… modest.
Its engine is of 6.72 liters and of 350 HP! Bike’s tires in size and shape can be comparable to those of planes.
By the way, the price strikes too - 250 thousand Euros!
Well, now let's look at this monster.

Gunbus, German Giant (17 pics)
In the west of Sydney on a parking lot, a woman confused the car gears and crashed through a brick wall.
Unfortunately for her, she was hospitalized, the car was towed to a pound and someone will have to repair the wall.

She Confused The Car Gears (15 pics)
A modest car mechanician from Kazakhstan got one of the most expensive and prestigious cars in the world - the Rolls-Royce Phantom.
The guy told that this idea came to him a few years ago, when sitting in the library, he saw photos of this supercar in a car magazine.
Spending a total of 3 thousand dollars, the master turned an old Mercedes in the legendary vehicle.

It’s Not a Mirage, It’s a "Phantom" (19 pics + 1 video)
This incident occurred at the Granny Smith Gold Mine in Australia.
Want to see how finished the clash of these heavyweights of the automobile world - Mack and CAT? Then go inside the post.

Unequal Confrontation (11 pics)