We have a double post on limos today. We’ll start with the Audi Q7 limo.
Royal Luxury has a new limo in its store to rent. It’s an Audi Q7 limo with a ‘jet door’. It can host 16 passengers and to take their words, it’s “the ultimate in luxury and convenience.”
One will have to spend $500 for a 3-hours ride…

You will also see inside the post the making of a Range Rover limo…

Audi Q7 Limo with Jet Door and Making of Range Rover Limo! (22 pics)
Not always winter tires and advanced braking systems are a “panacea” for slippery roads, especially when it comes to Chinese cars ;)
Look at the pictures inside the post with another victim of winter roads.

Victim of a Slippery Road (5 pics)
This horrible accident took place in Athens, Greece. According to police report, the Audi R8’s driver fell asleep at the wheel and the car drove off the road hitting the guardrail. This guardrail passed through the Audi - it entered in the left wheel and came out on the right side through the rear window. The driver was seriously injured at both legs and was rushed to the hospital. His girlfriend was lucky, she only had a couple of scratches.

P.S. Below you’ll see two similar cases with Ladas.

Audi R8 Was Pierced Through Like a Meat with a Fork (8 pics)
It was a close shave for photographer Andy Willsheer the other day at Pomona Raceway in California as a drag racing car crashed into the barrier he was standing behind!
The fearless guy kept on taking photos despite the danger..
Luckily, the vehicle landed just feet away from the photographer, who escaped unharmed.
Now, let’s contemplate those great and unique shots!

Impressive Close Shots of a Dragster Accident (8 pics)
There’s nothing special about this Dodge Colt, well almost...
It is stuffed with all sorts of accessories that cost a lot more than the car itself. The only question is: why did he need to do all this?

A Car for Sale (8 pics)
We have already posted the photograph of this car in our Picdump, but now we know all the details and want to share them with you :)
This "Maniwa" was produced not by a car company, but by a small furniture factory Sada.
The sports car has three wheels and three seats. The car was built by hand and consists almost entirely of wooden parts, even its rims are made of wood. The car can reach 80 km/h.
But the main advantage of "Maniwa," is its design without a doubt.
The interest in the Japanese wooden design is huge, Sada is already taking plenty of orders for this wooden sports car, demanding for their services a little less than 44 thousand dollars.
And now, let’s look at the photos.

The latest Japanese Sports Car (13 pics + 1 video)
It’s just lights taped to a truck – but no less than 3000 lights!
The idea is simple and the result is cool.
It’s hideous in daytime because the tape and cables are visible, but it’s really amazing at night.

The Christmas Truck (11 pics)
This is a Zonda Roadster F produced by Pagani in Italy. It got into an accident in Hong Kong and this is the third time a Pagani is crashed there.
Just to remind you, Pagani Zonda F reaches 100 km/h in 3,4 sec and 200 km/h in 9,6 sec. It takes only 2.1 seconds to stop completely if it goes at the speed of 100 km/h and if you brake at 200 km/h - 4,3 seconds! Its cost is only €1,460,000...

One of the Most Expensive Supercars Crashed (6 pics)
This is an interesting story about a car technician who had a big surprise that scared the crap out of him.
Here goes the story: “Guy came in for his 5,000 miles service......only took 3 belly pan bolts off and... BAM!... opossum falls in my lap.... looks at me like "WTF!?" and takes off across the shop hiding in some other guy's toolbox... scared the crap out of me... I still cannot understand how it built a nest and lived there for some time, guy drove with the possum wherever and got it back home, possum must have gotten out and went back in there (heck it built a nest)... Oh yeah, I screamed like a little girl :)”
I guess it was the last thing he expected doing his job that day…

What a Technician Found in an Audi A4… (7 pics)
It took the owner of this ordinary Chevrolet Niva three years to transform it into something cooler.
At the moment, this "Red Sonya" is on sale for almost $30,000, which is by the way, not too much for a car with tuned exterior and interior, turbocharged engine and other pimped stuff.
Look at the entire three-year process of tuning inside.

"Red Sonya" (45 pics)
The accident happened near the city of Cremona. An Italian police officer wrecked a £150,000 Lamborghini Gallardo (560bhp). He crashed into parked cars after he swerved to avoid a vehicle that was pulling out of a petrol station.
Luckily, no one was hurt in the crash, only the two officers who were in the Lambo got minor injuries.
What a shame to destroy such a car!

Italian Police Wrecked a £150,000 Lamborghini Patrol Car (13 pics)
Finnish Power Truck Show lasted just one day, and there were no tents, rock concert or fireworks... There were only about two dozens of painted vehicles from Finland and some others from the neighboring Sweden. The vehicles were customized and painted especially for this occasion.
However, there are no "show-trucks" that were built specially for the exhibition and are not functional. All of them are operational.
So check it out. There’s a lot to look at.

Amazing Aerography on Power Trucks (30 pics)
This unique vehicle was spotted in Amite County, Mississippi. Apparently, this amazing carcycle is registered as a car.
That’s not something you see everyday! It’s so weird…

The Carcycle! (10 pics)
The owner of this Lexus, a young blond girl (again…), parked her car on the tramway rails in Kiev, Ukraine.
As she was absent like for half an hour, she blocked the tram during all this time because of her stupid parking. Obviously, tram passengers were pretty angry so they showed her their feelings when she came back later…
The thing is, she had apparently a good excuse, she said he did not notice… ))

Stupid Lexus Owner (5 pics)
Many Disney characters drove different cars but not Donald Duck! He only drove this car he apparently built himself! The car is easily recognizable, it’s all red and has the number 313 on the license plate.
You surely have already seen this car before if you read comics or watched cartoons of Donald Duck, but have you already seen this car for real?
I think not, so go inside the post and discover what a passionate person has done of his free time.

Donald Duck’s Car Has Been Built for Real! (15 pics)